Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week 2016

DSFW is coming up and will be having their 3rd edition this year. To help you decide in which venues to visit or to do some sustainable shopping or swapping. I made a top 5 list of the events I would like to visit and ofcourse report about it on my blog. Over 300 shops are participating this year and there will be fashionshows, workshops and lectures on sustainable fashion. What I enjoy most is the stories that are being shared online. We each have our own philosophy when it comes to concious living. If you ask me, that's what sustainable fashion is about. Not just sharing our thoughts on eco living, but also caring for eachother because of the fact that we share the story with eachother through fashion.

If you have little time to read through all the information about DSFW, hopefully this top-five will help you through DS Fashion Week and to enjoy your week of concious fashion even more easily. Some events are taking place at the same time or on the same day, so you won't be able to visit and see all, so take your pick.

My top 5:

1. Workshop '13 stukken in 30 dagen' - 12 october '16 at Stedelijk Museum in Zwolle starting 14h00.

Anne Marie van der Veen designed her own capsule wardrobe, including 13 pieces that can be mixed and matched for 30 daily outfits. Challenging! (Entrance fee)

2. FAIR FALL - 13 october '16 at Louis Hartlooper Complex in Utrecht from 18h30 till 22h00

Here you will find a pop-up store 'Goodfibrations' and you can swap your clothes at 'De . . . Kledingbibliotheek'. Square1 magazine will be celebrating their 1 year anniversary and will be sharing their printer magazine with you during this evening. (No entrance fee)

3. Lecture on Sustainability including a grandtour through Textiel Museum in Tilburg - 12 october '16 starting 14h00. (Entrance fee)

The lecture will be given by Martijn van Strien (designer). Afterwards there will be a tour in the museum itself and visit "CoCreatie".

4. Food and Fashionshow - 8 october '16 at de Hippe Engel in Schipluiden starting at ? (Meal 25EU)

A girl's gotta eat! In collaboration with restaurant Indigo they will be serving a 3-course meal (25EU) and a fashionshow with each course. How great is that!

5. Shoppingtour - 8 untill 15 october '16 daily starting at 13h00 from Duurzaam Loket, 3rd floor of the Central library in The Hague. (No entrance fee)

Discover the best sustainable shops in the Hague!

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